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Located in Ashland, Nebraska, VOGLER CATTLE COMPANY has been raising quality cattle since 1992. In addition to our top quality show cattle, we also have extensive experience raising registered cattle and cow calf to finished feeders. A family business with a well-rounded cattle background, Vogler Cattle strives to make our customers feel like part of the family. Call or stop by and let us help you select quality cattle for your operation.

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Mollie's Story Board

about her heifer project.

Rosalyn the Heifer

Mollie, and Mrs. Rosalyn


Dear Vogler Cattle Company, I am writing this note to you to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your assistance with my daughters show cattle enterprise. As you are aware, I called sight unseen 3 years ago after seeing your ad on the internet regarding a heifer you had in your annual sale. As you know, we paid a fairly high sum for the female and did so basically by speaking to you and gaining trust in those conversations. We have never been disappointed since that day. That female, commonly known as “Fuzzy Butt” has had her fair share of success in the show ring and lack of success in the mom department. By your recommendation we have sent her back to you and you are getting her on her feet reproductively.

As my daughter refers to the Vogler family, the professionals have her now. We have purchased two more heifers since and have been equally pleased and more importantly they were exactly what you said they were when we again purchased sight unseen. I can say with no hesitation, your style of business, customer service (2nd to none), and follow up is the best we have experienced in this little show cattle venture. We have purchased animals from nearly twenty different folks and spent thousands of dollars. Our time and money spent with you, is one of our most treasured. You have made it fun for us. You have, at your own expense flown to California to assist us at the expositions. Your recent trip down to Kansas City to the Junior National Hereford Show, where we weren’t even exhibiting an animal purchased from you, was simply one of the nicest gestures anyone could make. Our time each year in Denver is a blast. We do appreciate it.

Les, Melanie and the whole Vogler crew, you have earned our business and more importantly our friendship and respect. Keep doing what you are doing, the word is spreading. To all the Voglers, well done.

Thanks again, The Spears
(The California folks)

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